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Engine And Trac Off Lights Are On

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The ENGINE's and TRAC OFF lights are ON in my 2000 Lexus ES300. The car is currently has <90K miles. I disconnected the battery overnight, and reconnected the following morning; however, both lights are lit up after driving less than 1/4 mile. I also tried filling the gas tank and closed the cap until the "CLICK" sound was heard 3 times, yet the problems still persist. The AutoZones tested and gave me the codes: P1130 and P1135 - Manufacturer Control Fuel Air Metering. I recalled 2 years ago, I took the car to Lexus dealer and they told me the Fuel Air filter was bad and it costed me ~$700 to fix it including labor. I am now not working, please let me know if I can take the car to any auto i.e. Tiresplus, Goodyear to fix the problem or do I have to take the car to Toyota or Lexus dealer? Your suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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any independent mechanic can replace this. The expensive part of this will be the sensor itself. That alone will run about $250.

Give Toyota a call and see what they will do it for. You could get the part from them and take it to your mechanic to install also.

It does not have to be Lexus that has to fix it. P1130 and 1135 indicate Bank 1 Sensor 1, which unfortunately is the hardest to get at.

It is the sensor between the catilytic converter and the exhaust manifold on the bank of cylinders closest to the windshield/firewall.


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