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Blown Tail Light Indicator


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Well, I notice that my broken tail light indicator keeps turning on, yet every time I go to check all my tail lights are working, and even the brake lights are working fine. Anyone know why my broken tail light indicator might be turning on randomly?

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I wish I got a $100 for every time I've answered this question :D

Running along the left hand trunk hinge there is a wiring loom which over time gets damaged opening and closing the trunk.

Locate the loom and carefully open it up and check all the wires inside for damage ( normally the white wire) remake the connections as required ,tape back up and that should sort your problem.

This loom wiring can cause many other problems besides the tail light defect so don't delay or you may find you have strange transmission problem as well.

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I have not ever even seen a rear light out indicator on either of my LS400s. Was this a 1993-newer thing or something?

Even my old pre-93' Camrys and Accords had this feature.

It could also possibly be a bad ground. Some early Lexus and Toyotas (80s-early 90s) were bad for having grounding issues to the taillights (some other imports too - its not just a Toyota thing). I have really seen this on early LS400s, 87-91 Camrys, 86-89 Celicas, 88-92 Corollas-Prizms, etc. With the the headlights off.. everything is fine, but when the lights are on (taillights), when you depress the brake, you may see some rear lights go completely out. I had a 87' Camry that did it and even my 91' LS400 does it now. With the taillights off - all lights work fine, but when they are on and I push the brake, the upper right light goes completely out. Its a bad ground, but I have not worried about it since I have 4 other brake lights. ;) Supposed to be a total of 6, but I do have a brake light out on the inside left, even with the taillights off. I am guessing thats just the bulb.

Good luck!

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Yeah I took a look in there, I didn't do anything at the time because I had to be somewhere, but I found the little bundle of wires he was talking about. Anyway, none of my lights are out or the brake lights and the blown light indicator goes on and off randomly so I'm assuming that the first guy's idea is probably what is wrong with mine.

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