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Red Light Cameras


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So quick question, I was driving in Dallas and while I was in the middle of the intersection, the light turned red. Now I read online that the picture only gets taken if you enter the intersection while the light is red. Is this true? Has anyone gotten one of these? I did not notice a flash but I did see two cameras. I know that some cameras flash even during the day. Should I expect a ticket in the mail? I was going a measly 34 mph so I pray not

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Hmm... well if I'm not mistake the light usually turns yellow before it turns red....

haha I'm not 100% sure but i think if it's red AT ALL you get a ticket.... especially since you caw a flash I'd think it took a photo...

but i'm not sure at all and eatingup may be right. Just giving my 2 cents! :)

Good luck though hope you don't get one!

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In my state of RI they show the Providence traffic court on tv every afternoon. This year they began using cameras to fine people who go through red lights.

There is a sensor that detects an object "over the lines, or in the intersection" instantly when the light turns RED. It takes a picture, and you receive it in the mail. If you choose to contest, when you come to court, the judge reads the summons number, and a 15sec video is displayed for everyone in the court to see. It shows 15 seconds before and a few seconds after you've entered the intersection.

I have watched a few of the cases, and it's perfectly fine to "enter" the intersection if it's still yellow, even if it turns red when you're "in" the intersection.

So you should be fine!

Some of the excuses people use in court are quite funny... There's "the sun was behind me, all the lights looked the same", and "my brake's weren't working!!" -all of which the judge didn't buy.

Another interesting thing, here in RI at least, is that the fine ($75) does not affect your insurance or go on your driving record. The judge explains this every time a case comes up involving a "camera" catching a traffic violation. A lot of times people ask if they can have it dismissed on their "good driving record"- although it can be dismissed on this good driving record, the judge does not suggest it since you will lose tha "perfect driving record excuse" even though it doesn't affect your record? Yeah, it's weird!

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They had cameras at multiple intersections in Minneapolis for a few months. Somebody sued the city under the premise that the cameras did not know WHO was driving the vehicle. The camera only took pictures of license plate numbers and the owner of the vehicle received the ticket. Well....made it all the way to Minnesota's top court and they ruled with the person suing the city. They had to remove the cameras and pay back people who had been fined.

There were also instances of people stopping at a red light in the right lane of an intersection, but someone in the left lane goes through....the person in the right lane received a ticket in error. Now...they were able to contest it, but what a pain.


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