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Disabling Brake Start

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Does anyone know how to (or if its even possible) to disable the useless requirement to hold or push in the brake to start up the engine? I know that the first push is the on position, then the acc position and finally start. To start the engine you need to hold the brake pedal, is it possible to override this or disable it?

2006 Lexus GS300

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If you disable it, how would you get to on or acc position?

Very simple, the same way it's always done just without the brake, i presume pressing the button once for on, twice for acc, three for start. I would prefer this over having to hold the brake down or if for example a passenger was sitting in the car when I wasn't it and wanted to turn it on.

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So you would want to push the button three times as opposed to holding the brake down?

Just take a little time with it, it becomes second nature :rolleyes:

You shouldn't be starting a car from the passenger seat, its not safe.

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