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New Fuel Injector Spewing Gas


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Hello. This is a great forum! Thanks for all the great tips.

My issue is about replacing fuel injectors.

I purchased and received remanufactured fuel injectors. I replaced two on the back rail.

After putting everything back together, I started the engine. Fuel leaks out of the injectors/fuel rail area. As I shine a light on it, I see fuel coming down injector #3 (cylinder 3.) I worry that I did something wrong so I took it apart, moved 3 to position 5. I put back an old injector I know is good. I start the engine again and I see #5 leaking. It appears to be leaking from the top down. This last time was enough for a strong dripping action but leaked persistently.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

The new injectors I received (remanuf) are Denso 23250-20020. The have a 3130 in an imbedded box also.

As I look at the old injector, it has the same markings.

I would appreciate anyone's help. Smooth1, are you out there?

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the O-rings that came with them are new. I also bought two sets for spares. I am putting them on the injectors I am putting back on the fuel rail.

I pulled the fuel rail off today. I took out the one injector that was spewing. I notice that the O-ring is smashed on a side. It was new. Is there a trick to putting the O-rings on and then putting the injector into the rail?

The manual that I read doesn't mention anything specific. I would totally understand if it was something I was doing.

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I use a touch of oil on my fingertip to allow everything to seat without pinching the seals. Other than that just try to be a bit more careful, but be firm the first time, don't try to over do it.

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