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The World's Most Expensive Oil Change


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"The next time your mechanic dings you for a $20 Cabin Air Filter change, keep in mind that others are spending much more for similar service. The Sun is reporting that an unnamed Lamborghini Murcielago owner recently flew his supercar from Doha to London and back for a simple oil change.


The fluid change, which may or may not have included the dreaded cabin air filter add-on, cost a whopping £3,552 (roughly $7,000 USD.) Freight from Qatar to England and back - a 6,500 mile journey - is around £20,000 ($39,600) - bringing the total to over $46,000 for the entire shebang.Environmental groups in the UK are expressing outrage, and as one Heathrow airport employee rightfully pointed out, it would have been much less expensive to fly a couple technicians first class to Qatar.

I'm not passing judgement here, I think the world needs supercars and Sheikhs to buy them. What do you think? Is this excess intolerable or is it just one person spending their money the way they please?"

Instead of helping their local economies diversify for the inevitable day when the taps run dry or the market shifts completely off oil and onto the alternatives that are in full R&D, they prefer to display their complete ignorance and disregard for anyone lesser (in their opinion) than themselves. People like this are the dinosaurs of the future and deserve not what they have obtained by default. I for one will not miss them when they become extinct.

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Let's not fault him to much, just think of the airlines and shipping companies, along with the auto shop that got all the extra business and made money off his arrogance. He can send that car to us for an oil change anytime! I would love to bill out $500.00 an hour for labor doing routine services! I say let them pump as much money as they can back into Europe and the US for a change!!! :)

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