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Bmw Owner Tapes Black Car To White


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BMW owner tapes black car to white




When a BMW 335i owner in Munich became bored with his black coupe, he hired a team to wrap it in white tape. Two days later, he drove home in his refreshed "Alpine White" coupe (with an M3-appearing black roof). No, it's not normal tape. It's a special 3M wrap, and the process is known as "foiling." Apparently, the German military has been using the process (with an olive drab tape) for some time now. Likewise, the process is popular with race teams and taxi companies. Available in countless colors, the tape itself is thick enough to protect the paint from minor chips and nicks, and it can be left adhered to the surface for 3-4 years without damage (!). Adhesion isn't a problem either, as the tape can even withstand an automatic car wash without peeling off. Thanks for the tip Frank.

Source: Autoblog

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There are several companies around that use this product for advertising their business. That way the business can splatter colorfull / loud / pictures all over the car. When it comes time to change adds, or just return the car to a normal paint job, removal (as well as initial purchase of the tape) is way cheeper than if they'd have painted on ads, then sanded 'em off / and repainted.


I first noticed this on a Prius, since we have one. Then when we got our 3rd bid for solar panels, the rep drove up in another Prius, covered in the material with pictures of the sun, PV panels, company logo etc. Looks pretty good.

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What movie was it that the BMW 7 series did this and the taxi driver with a souped up taxi investigated on bank robberies? Anyways, they changed their rims and peeled of the red tape to reveal a blue stock 7 series. They got away because the car changed in appearence after every robbery

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