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Sc430 2002 Exported To Europe


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Hi Guys

This is a great forum.

I recently imported a 2002 model sc430 from the usa to europe.

I have a couple of small problems.

1. The radio seems to seek in decimals of 0.2 (95.1, 95.3, 95.7), whereas the radios in europe seek in decimals of 0.05 eg. (95.05, 95.1, 95.15), consequently i cant seek and select many stations. Is this a normal occurence of the sc430?

2. More importantly, my sat nav isn't working. I have removed the north american dvd, numbers 86271-33030, 464210-0186, data 2001, ver.1. Is it possible to just change the dvd for an european one? Or is it more complicated? also i realise that there are several versions of the sat nav, i don't know what generation mine is and also what other types would be compatible.

I would really appreciate some help.

Best wishes from sunny spain.


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You can have a little modulator added to the stereo so it can scan different frequencies search on Google. I have one myself as I have a JDM car exported to the UK, but it was fitted before I got the car. Any good car audio shop should be able to help you.

Im not sure if just putting in an European DVD will work, but give it a try. I should think a Lexus dealer would be your best option. Im sure they can atleast try one without charging you if it dont work.

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