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Struts To Use?


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im getting some tenabe df210 springs and wanted some oppinions from people who have these springs.....should i use tokico blue or kyb or something else? any info would be greatly appreciated, i know tokico is more towards an oem ride and kyb is a little stiffer, i am kind of worried about blowing them out due to the lowering of the car...

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When I changed shocks I used KYB from an ebay seller. They were relatively cheap compared to OEM, about $225 for all 4. KYB also makes the OEM, even using the exact same assembly line as told to me by KYB. The valving is different though. It is said that the KYBs are stiffer, but I can't tell any difference. The ride quality has deteriorated over time on shocks that have 150m on them, so hard to say how a new set of KYBs rides compared to OEM. The cost of the struts was actually modest compared to all the additional stuff you need:

strut mounts $165 (4)- you can probably reuse the old ones but you really don't want to take this apart again anytime soon

insulators $132- probably thrashed and need replacing

strut bumpers(front) $32- probably thrashed and need replacing


1990 LS400

1991 300CE

2000 C280

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thanks for the reply glen, i need to know if i lower the car using tenabe df210, will the kyb's blow out sooner than the tokico's or is there another option i dont know of?

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My previous LS400 (the one in the photo to the left) had KYB GR2's installed by the PO before I bought it and the ride was very stiff and harsh. I hated it. I bought "Toyota" standard struts and the ride was back to supple... like the ride of my current LS.

I think I still have those GR2's around here somewhere.

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