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Diagnostic Help (prndl & Ingition Switch Issue)

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Hello to all, recently I picked up a 1994 GS300 at a reasonable price due to some driveability issues. I am still looking to source a full service manual and haven't had much luck. In the mean time I thought I might lean on the forum for some direction.

The issue I am currently trying to resolve is on of starting. The car won't start via the ignition switch, instead it has to be started via a momentary switch which is soldered to the starter relay energizing the coil when the switch is pressed. This leads me to think the ingition switch has an issue, I need to find a wiring diagram for diagnosis.

In addition to the issue mentioned above, once the car is switched from P to D. Passing through the Neutral indication causes the motor to die. I then have to put the car in neutral and restart with the momentary switch. Additionally the car will start in gear with the momentary switch, this leads me to believe there might also be something of issue with the park / neutral switch. Again without the diagram it is hard to tell how this all works.

Honestly without looking at anything I think my problem really is in the Park neutral switch explaining whiy the car won't start via the ignition. The ECU can't tell whether or not the car is in neutral or park. As a result due to the fact that the ECU can't see park or neutral when the gear selector is moved it goes into a safey kill mode.

These are just my thoughts, I would appreciate any diagnostic assistance and links to places where I can get a full service manual for this car.

Thanks to all !

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