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Front Crank Seal Question?

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I believe the front crank seal on my sc4 is leaking, but i need to know some specifics. CANNNN the seal be removed just by pulling off the harmonic balancer sliding the old seal off and putting the new one on, or is there any other complication??? Ya'll help would be greatly appreciated, my baby is dumping oil all over.

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you may as well change your waterpump and thermostat while you are in there ;)

Yess sir,

Front crank seal: $5.24

2 cam seals: $7.56

timing belt: $37.45

Serpentine belt: $13.45

Thermostat: $17.25

Thermostat Gasket: $3.58

Waterpump: $95.11

Labor: $150 (benefits of being best buds with the master tech!)

My Sc4 not leaking oil, and good for another 60K: Priceless

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I'm sure you didn't forget the pulley/tensioners when you did the pump.

The master tech inspected the tensioner and said it was fine, the last timing job was only done about 26Kmiles ago, the only reason i did one so early is because of the busted crank seal.

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