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New Ls400 Owner, Suspension Blues Help!


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Hello folks, I recently bought a 1997 LS with 151000. I knew it may need struts, mounts and tires at the time of purchase.

Update: I replaced all three above items. But am still having the following issues:

1. I still have creaking coming from the front right side. I had a buddy move the car up and down while I inspected from underneath. The sound is coming from the sway bar bushing. I tried greasing (white lithium grease) it, but not sure if I did it the right way or not. Any suggestions to address the noise short of replacing the bushing?

2. I hit a BAD pothole (front left wheel) and since then have been hearing a single 'thump' from the front left side when I hit a strong bump (only on hard impact). I realize its almost impossible to define sound, but it does not sound hollow, is not a squishing sound, just a thump, clear and concise. I jaked the car up and tried wiggling things, ever part appears to be in place and not lose. Another thing that has happened since the mishap is that the left side (when looking from the back) looks slightly lower than the right side. When pushing down on the car on all four sides, the left side appears more bouncy than the other 3 sides.

Any suggestions in diagnosis the problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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I have a loud thump on my front right wheel area when I hit a hole/bump, fast.

Same thing happened in my 89 Corolla GT-S.

Kind of annoying but doesn't happen too often so I ignore it, just like the tapping of the 1UZ ;) hahah

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Well my advice is to have it diagnose by a reputable mechanic or dealer. Most likely you will need to replace the lower control arm of the passenger side, upper controll arm of the passenger side and check really good the driver side since it does not get damaged as bad. This should cost you about 3000 (buying both control arms lower/upper and lower ball joints) parts and labor after that you can probably run the car for the next ten years and do not worry about the suspension. Mostly is the bushings but many of them do not have replacements so you need to buy an expensive metal part while the problem is within the rubber bushings that could be bought for about half of the price. C. Cardona

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