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Battery Size For Key And Some General Features Of The Car


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Hey I am a proud owner of a used 1992 Lexus LS 400

I don't know anything about Lexus's because this is the first lexus I have ever owned or had access to.

I know that Lexus is always very specific in their repairs and whatnot (just like other luxury vehicles.)

I wanted to know what was the direct size, name and number of the battery that the key takes.

Also I have noticed that there is a weird key hole that is right underneath the steering wheel of this lexus.

If anyone has a 1992 Lexus LS 400 they would understand what I am talking about

The keyhole is right between the gas and the trunk release buttons.

underneath the keyhole it has something like


I want to know what that keyhole is there for

is it to lock and unlock the trunk and fuel door?

also if the plastic part of the key broken (the actual key came off) does that affect the performance of the car's engine or not?


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I am not sure what battery is in there but it is very easy to check. Use a small slotted screwdriver and pry it open and you should be able to see the battery.

The cylinder locks the trunk and I am not sure if it does the fuel cap as well.

The key would do nothing to the engine so you have no problems there. There is a sponsor up above I visited one day. I believe it was www.toy-lex or toyo-lex.com but they have keys. I am trying to get one with a remote for my aunts SC.

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