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Maybe An Sc430 In 2 Weeks


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Hi all,

I am thinking of buying a 2003 SC430 in about two weeks. From what I've been reading in these forums, there are no major problems with them and they seem very reliable.

I was just wondering about driving one of these in the winter. We get pretty bad winters here in Quebec and I'm a little scared about the rear wheel drive. I've had all-wheel-drive cars for the past 5 years or so and I don't know what to expect from this one. Of course I will install a set of good winter tires on it. :)

Any thoughts on that?


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I live in Chicago. The major problem is that with more than 4" of snow the undercarriage drags on the snow and you will get stuck. Other wise with a bit of care it'll be just fine.

Hmm...4 inches! That's not a lot. But I guess this will be the case with any car without the all-wheel-drive.

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