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Rear View Mirror Linkage Broken?


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I bought a 2001 Lexus LS430 for my wife - she loves it; till today.

The passenger side door rear-view mirror has quit working. Specifically, the linkage that retracts and extends the mirror housing seems to have either broken or come undone. The mirror housing swivels loosely. My wife swears it wasn't bumped, nudged, forced or struck (as far as she knows - and there are no marks on the mirror housing).

When I activate the retraction/extension switch on the dash, I can feel the "motor" inside the mirror housing running. The mirror housing on the driver side does retract/extend. Also, the mirror in the housing itself still works fine (it can be adjusted in/out/up/down).

Anybody have any experience with this before? Any thoughts on how to access the linkage? I'm fairly mechanically inclined; however I haven't done work on this car yet.

I appreciate any suggestions offered. :huh:

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