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Air Condition - Fan Slows Then Speeds Up


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I am the proud new owner of a 1996 LS 400, which I love, except for a new problem that just developed with the a/c unit. When I turn on the A/C, whether in Auto Mode or Manual, it blows cold air on high speed for a few seconds, then low speed for a few seconds, then high speed again. It does this repeatedly and is the same whether I put it in Auto or Manually adjust the air. The air is still cold, but I need to regulate the amount of air that is being blown out of the vents.

Any suggestions as to how I might fix this problem?

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Your vehicle has OBDII for fault codes but I am not sure if the AC system is part of this but if it is I would have a code read done 1st to see if any faults do flag up.

Is the internal temperature gauge reading correctly?

Sorry I can't help more but some one will post with more info I'm sure.

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For kicks you may want to check the filter but it sounds electrical. I know with ours, when I get in on a hot day and start the car it will do nothing then slowly go from zero to full. On my other car with AUTO air it is on full blast as soon as I have the key in ACC mode and still going strong once the car is started.

I would check the filter just for the heck of it. Could possibly be a relay?

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