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Stereo System

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I have a 2006 GS 300 with less than 20,000 miles. I purchased it used and I was originally told it had the ML system. It does not. The sound quality is horrible. This is my 3rd lexus and it's by far the worst sound. Service tells me it's fine. Everytime a get a loaner I am once again reminded about the lousy sound in my car. I've contacted Lexus Corp and they say there is nothing they can do. Any suggestions>

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I have a 2006 GS AWD (premium sound system, not ML) and find it to be quite good. I think it is acutally a little better than the one that was in my 2002 ES. I would be suprised if it were the same system components, though.

What is it exactly that you don't like: tone, bass, is it static, lack of features, sound quality. Be a little more specific than "the sound quality is horrible."

Have you tried adjusting the DSL, ASL, have you varied the % of sound to each speaker, etc. What types of music are you listening to, that can make or break a sound system as well.


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Personally, it sounds to me like you didn't take the time to listen to it before you bought it. Additionally, if you didn't take the necessary steps to fully investigate just which system the car you were buying was equipped with, there isn't much you can do about that now. Trade it in, go find something that will satisfy you.

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is your screen name on ClubLexus, 3rdplzr?

I am just wondering because 3rdplzr on CL, has the same car and the same problem but more details are noted there. For example, there are some wires that are cut on his system, maybe due to some installed non-OEM equipment being removed.


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