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Sun/heat Shield And Window Visors

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I have a 2008 RX350 and am wanting to add window visors so I can leave the windows cracked on rainy days. In my researching, I've found two different kinds...the ones that use adhesive on the outside and the ones that snap into the window track. Has anyone installed either or these and what's your recommendation....and best place to purchase. Also, does anyone have the "Lexus" sun shield. It's a little pricey, but the store bought one doesn't fit the large windshield. B)

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Welcome to the LOC!

Get the ones that snap in the window channel. THe ones with tape look dumb, as you can see the tape thru the smoked plastic after a bit. And if you ever decide to take them off, they just snap right back out again, instead of using a bunch of chemicals to remove the tape and goopy stuff left behind.

Have you looked at our vendor list right above your post? I would start there. You can use the <> buttons to scroll thru our vendors.

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