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Hi guys,

Im not from the states and im actually posting from Iran. I know this is a US club but as i could not find any useful forums for Lexus cars i thought i could ask a question or two here, if its ok with the moderators?

First thing is i bought a 08 ES 350 - with the UL package and panorama - Mark levinson system. First thing i wanted to check is do the rest of the 08 owners with the full package have the Dynamic Radar cruise control with the UL package? As i dont have the icon with the car sonar behind my steering wheel - is this optional?

Also one thing which is irritating is the DVD system which only plays the video when the brake is applied - is there anyway to disable this?

Is there anything i should know to check with my dealership as the car is brand new with only 30 KM run on it as in any problems which come default with it?

I'd appreciate the help.



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The radar cruise is extremely rare and is really only a special order option.

The DVD playback is only designed to work when the car is stopped...for obvious reasons. Not a whole lot you can do about that.

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Thanks for the info steve, was just wondering about the radar cruise control. Again its a shame about the DVD system not playing the video as its basically no good as the passengers would appreciate the entertainment..

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I disagree, something that causes you to potentially be a danger to me and my family should not be a choice, because history has shown people are not willing to make the right choice in these circumstances. There is no argument for there it to be legal to watch TV when driving. Having something on that screen, which is angled towards you not the passenger is EXTREMELY distracting whether you think it is or not.

Thats an example of a very worthwhile law. Seat belts, I can see the argument for a choice. TV in front of the driver when driving? Nope.

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