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2008 Rx Mod - Front Spoiler

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Would appreciate your input if you have experience with this.

Considering addding the 'Toyota Harrier' split front spoiler (OE part) to the lower portion of the front bumper. Will this be a 'direct' bolt on type install?

What would you need to be remove, if anything, to install.

My concern is that along the lower edge of the factory bumper there is a 'molded in' portion (black colored) that runs along the entire bottom and most predominatley visible from the sides that lead towards the middle. Will the 'split front spoiler' be able to attach over the existing bumper.

Help would be appreciated before I invest some significant $$$ and find out that the current bumper is not the right one to accept this spoiler.

Please no opinions are needed, just the facts from someone who has performed this install...

p.s any input on a grille mod would also be appreciated. considering the TC as I would like to retain the 'L' emblem. The other one is also interesting. As it is painted, most likely go with Black - the car color is Bamboo Pearl.




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