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Evap Case Replacement


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Hello everyone this is my first post and I have been just reading a lot of post to get up to speed. I own a 1999 GS 400 blk/blk with 142,000 miles. It have been a awesome car and still runs like it was new. I just took it into service for a oil change and asked them to check out to see why my driver's side floor board stayed wet. Well I have this check out before and they checked the drain holes in the sun roof and they were clear. Then they called me with the bad news. Their is a PLASTIC Evaporator case behind the center console that collects the condesation from the A/C. Well it is not even drippping into the unit and is running straight for the driver side floor board. Check this out. The replacement part is $1995.00 and the labor to replace it is $1000.00. Yes you guess it for a cool $3000.00 I need to replace this unit. I need the help of the forum on some options. Either I look at it its a $1000.00 in labor to remove and replace this unit, unless I found one of the techs to do it on the side. They offered to take it out and TRY to put some type of sealer on it, but could not promise that would work. That would $1000.00 down the drain if it didn't. But I have a problem with paying $1995.00 for the same PLASTIC part that broke and not have a peace of mind that it will not break again after my 12 month warrenty is up. That would be $3000.00 down the drain again. Does anyone have any contacts with a Lexus junkyard that I may seek some other options. I don't and can't ignore this problem becuase it could cause some short with the electrical. You know water and mositure do not mix well with electronics. I live in Tennessee. The parts manager said he had not replaced a lot of those but he had heard a lot Lexus cars in the Florida had this type of problem. My Lexus has never seen Florida before. I could use the knowledge and wisdom and advise of the group on this one.

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This may or may not work. I am going to assume that the diagnoses was incorrect.

I had the same problem but on the passenger side. It was caused by debris clogging the drain tube from the evaporator: Locate the end of the tube, and blow compressed air into it, in short bursts until it starts to drain. You are dislodging the debris long enough to allow it to start to drain.

It may simply be that the tube has clogged for so long, that it is filling, and spilling out on the drivers side.

Cost: $0.00

Time to repair: 10 minutes.

Assuming that is the cause.

Tube is located near passenger side front wheel.

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