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New Here, And I Really Need Help With This

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I have a 93 ES300 with 113k miles on it. I filled up on Sunday, full tank. I drive a total of 20 miles everyday to get to and from work. This is during rush hour I mind you. It isn't even bad rush hour, it only takes me 25 minutes to get to work with rush hour. Around 20 without. Anyways, I filled up on Sunday, and when I filled up today I had to put in 9 gallons. Something isn't right. 9 gallons for 80 miles? I didn't go anywhere else I mind you. Can someone tell me what's up? Cuz this is ridiculous.

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You might want to also pull the MAF and clean it with electrical automotive spray cleaner

Yeah, I'm getting new tires tomorrow(I just saw that there's a pretty deep crack in one of my tires), and getting them balanced and rotated. I think that'll definitely help. I'm also checking my air filter and everything.

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