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Best Place For A New Remote Key?


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My aunts remote key to her 1993 SC3 has been lost for over a year now and looking up above I saw an advertisement for the site '' and was looking through their stuff. They had the regular key but not the remote one.

Would I have any luck finding a blank remote on ebay and having it cut and programmed by the dealer? I know it was a mess when it as lost (my cousins kid actually lost it) and we were not able to get in the trunk and it was tons of stupid drama. Thankfully I saved the day. Wallet key, a-ha! The dealer wanted a ton for a new one but I wasn't sure if it is a dealer only thing. I know some of those can be a pain in the butt but seeing how it is a 1993 I thought we could get luck and just get a new one and have it programmed.

Thanks in advance,


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