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What Does 60 K Service Run

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I don't have a GS300 but I just checked and saw that my 60,000 mile service on my 2000 LS400 cost right at $370 before tax in summer 2005. I had the service done at an indie shop that specializes in Lexus and which has former Lexus dealer mechanics. I've been using them for over ten years and the service has always been better and less expensive than the Lexus dealer. The $370 included everything called for in the regular 60,000 mile schedule plus a couple of severe service items that probably weren't needed - transmission and differential fluid change.

The 60,000 mile service on my 00 LS does not include spark plugs -- they are replaced at 120,000 mile intervals.

You might check what the dealer wants to do and make sure he is not suggesting anything needless like spark plugs unless plug replacement on your GS300 is really required at 60,000 mile intervals.

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welcome to the the dealer thats about right price for the 60k maint. i spent right around 500 for my 90k and i didnt go to a dealer i went to a place just like 1990ls400 did that has older Lexus mechanics! but i did tranny fluid, differential, spark plugs, timing belt, idler pulley, water pump, accessory belt, and some other stuff


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