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01 Lexus Gs300 Audio Amp Continue To Run After Shutting Off Car And Dr

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FIrst of let me say thank you for all the useful info i have found on here over the last few years...

I have a 2001 GS300 with Stock stereo and navigation...My audio amplifier and navigation unit mounted in back of trunk..One or both of them continue to run sometimes when i shut the car off thus if the car sits too long it drains the battery..It sounds like the navigation disc is continuing to spin continuing to spin, sometimes i can hear it when i walk by and just unplug manually...THe amplifier is usually very hot so im not sure if that continuing to work as well, Sometimes it won't be spinning when i shut the car off but then may come in the garage a few hours later and it is, or i go to start my car in the morning and its dead....Also the radio sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and by this i mean just the sound, the navigation screen and aduon controls are just fine, but i will be driving and the radio maybe out for a day or two and then sometimes you just hear a loud spark that scares the *BLEEP* out of you and the radio kicks back on

Also my 6 cd changer in glove compartment has been jammed and won't eject and when i hit CD button the screen says "external cd system is not connected"

I have been told maybe a faulty ECU/Head Unit to bad wiring...any feedback would be appreciated

I did not want to bring to dealer so if anyone knows a good car aduio hookup in vegas please let me know

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