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Airbag Swap


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Hey guys,

I'm looking for the airbag centrepiece from a Lexus SC300/400 steering wheel in Spruce

I have a spare one of the same thing with the Griffon logo used on the JDM Soarers in good condition down here in Australia

Would it be safe to assume you dont get many of the griffon ones up your way?

Ideally what I'd like to do, if I can find someone over there wanting the JDM look for their SC, would be send mine over, and you send yours back for me... no money changing hands... a straight swap and the only thing either of us pays is our own postage.

I know that there is no problems with compatibility between the LHD & RHD wheels, the airbags can be interchanged wihtout any problems.

Let me know if it sounds interesting to you.... or if I have a snowballs chance in hell :)


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