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Air Conditioner Recharge

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Im looking for the lower port (black cap) to recharge my a/c in a 93 es300. Can anyone help? also I was told to vaccuum the system first , how is that done?

The low pressure port is near #1 cylinder (pass side firewall). I assume that there is no charge at all, since you did not indicate that you wanted to top it off. I would not recomend trying to take on a job like this if you don't have experence with this. If the system has not been workig for awhile, it will need to be leak checked, and the reciever will also need to be replaced. This will also be a good time to consider having it converted to R134. My 92 was converted, and does a good job keeping the car cool down here it Texas.

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I agree - I'd go with the dealer on this one. I just had my '93 in, for a ton of stuff, but also for "A/C not blowing cold air"

And they found that it was down to 0.5 pounds of freon. And the leak was at the charging connector gaskets (which took 2 days to get the replacements for). Still, pricey: $110 to fix the leak and diagnose and charge the system.

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