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Little Known Lease Deal!


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While doing some research on leasing a new car, I found out that BMW has a lease deal called the multiple security deposit discount. They will discount the MF on your lease by .00007 for each refundable security deposit you put down at the beginning of the lease, up to 7. The amount of the SD is one month's lease payment rounded to the next $25. You can leave up to 7 deposits, discounting your lease MF by .00049 (1.2%).

I decided not to go with BMW and leased a Lexus instead. I inquired about a similar program with Lexus and was told by my sales rep that it does indeed exist, except Lexus will take up to 9 security deposits. This lowers the MF by 9 x 0.00007=.00063 (1.51%). This IS applicable to special lease deals as well.

I leased an IS250 yesterday for 3 yrs and was able to drop the MF from the promotional .00095 (2.28%) to .00032 (0.7%).

If you figure out the return on investment it calculates to about 10% compounded annually. Since you're lucky to get 3% in a CD, this is a great deal if you have the cash to put down!

I'm really surprised they don't advertise this more.

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