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Can the existing screen by utilized to show a Garmin after-market GPS, please?

can aftermarket GPS units transmit their screens outside of themselves?

The answer is sort of... The aftermarket GPS units that you buy at places like Circuit City or Best Buy will not allow for an external display. However, Garmin does make a variety of units that don't have a screen and are designed to be used with an external monitor ( So, if one really wanted to (and had the time and expertise), he/she could buy one of these units, find a way to tap into the Lexus screen and connect it to a computer, and then use the computer as an interface for the Garmin product. Of course, you'd also need to find some software that lets you use the touch screen (otherwise you'll have to have a mouse and keyboard in the car) to work with the computer. Overall it would result in an expensive and complicated solution, but it can be done. Of course, if you did make it work, you could really do some cool things in terms of in-car data/PC functionality (I'm thinking MP3 server, satellite internet, blah blah blah...)

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