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Average Idle Rpm's


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Hello everyone,

I just had a 60k service done a month ago. Before taking it in, the car was running well and was getting good gas mileage. Now after the service, I believe that my idle rpm's are quite high. Since I do not know what is was before, I was wondering what is the average or typical idle rpm's when started and when in drive at a stoplight or something.

My current idle after warmup is around 1200 rpm's. When I am driving around and come to a stoplight, it idles around 700 to 800 rpm's. I know that is a lot higher than it was before but I do not know what the normal range is. When I called the place where I got the 60k service done, the first response was that I was using bad gas. I said that everything was great before bringing it to you and only after you serviced my vehicle does my car idle a lot higher and my gas mileage had decreased quite a bit as well.

So, now I ask what is the typical so I can go back to him and see what can be done. And, what can I tell him to check and fix or if he won't do anything, what can I do?

Thank you,


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My 91 idles very well at 600. 1200 sounds too high. Probably a very easy fix for them to do - I'd take it back and make them fix it. They will know they messed it up. But probably no permanent harm done.

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