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I have a 2003 Lexus RX300. We had a problem where the check engine and VSC lights were turning on due to an emissions control problem. After researching it I found the problem to be the vacuum hose had come off of the air filter. I fixed the problem and cleared the code with an Actron CP9125 which worked great. However, after driving the car for a few feet the VSC light came back on. I took it to the dealer and they indicated that I had a malfunctioned Deacceleration sensor ($450 part), $880 later it was fixed.

After a recent oil change the vacuum hose once again came loose and I cleared the code again. Once again the VSC light is now coming on after I drive the car a few feet. Has anyone heard of the Deacceleration Zero Point getting reset after clearing trouble codes? It would seem surprising that this could happen after a very common code reset.

I'm a bit troubled because the repair is still under warrantee and I could probably get it fixed. But I'd like to talk to the dealer and figure out if I caused the problem, but I don't want to get stuck paying for the reset. Especially because I'm now thinking that there was never a problem with the original sensor that was replaced and probably only the Zero point calibration was necessary.

I found a reset procedure at but it is a bit complicated and I don't want to end up shorting something out. This refers to service bulletin procedure BR001-04.


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