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Surging Idle After Leting Enging Bay Dry After Wash


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so i just got a LS400.. before any maintance i figured id just give it a good hose down..

i did that with the engine running (had just started it so it was cool)

i let it run for about an hour after the hose and all was good..

even turned off and on again. and no probs..

so i go to get some food tonight and Bam..

Surging Idle from 1100-1800 and OUch when i put it in gear..

so i get it back home and i let it run for a bit surging..

i have a few vacume leaks and missing vac lines but thats not the cause as they where bothced before the wash..

could it still be a bit wet.or something got wet wile the rest was drying cause it was fine earlier..

. or could something have broke..

is there a link to a complete rundown of the vacum lines so i can replace and check them all..

also side note what is the thing with 2 vacume lines directly under the IAC connected to the coolant system..

(i saw its completely broken..)

could my iac have gone to crap from a wash..

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hard to say. maybe start with removing distributor caps and checking for dry and maybe get a hair dryer and dry out the inside of the cap, and distributor. Leaking vacuum lines can disrupt idle speed so if some are missing you'll need to fix that. The fact it just started when you washed engine is strange but maybe you knocked another hose off given you say mutliple are missing or broken.

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I had the same problem with my LS400 months ago.

1. Remove the covers that the timing belt and spark plugs are under, these age the plactic black covers with the writing in white on both top sides of them motor.

2. Remove the spark plug wires and use an air tool to blow all of the spark plug housing channels. If necessary you might need to repeat the steps with the spark plug wires.

That's should solve the problem, if not I do recomend you replace the wires.

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