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Sc400 Overheat / Fix ?

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hi guys i am new to the club today since i have registered my first SC400 last week. however the car sat for a long time..nearly 3 years before i bought it from a friend. the first day i took it out...the engine heat gauge went through the roof and when i pulled in the driveway it was nearly to the red (1 line left) when i shut it off steam went it was kinda scary and i hadnt drove it again in fear of ruining the bullet-proof engine it had. the mechanic came over and looked at everything, (the day before i replaced the thermo, and both hoses thinking they were the source of the overheat) however we spotted a tiny drip from the radiator top :( ...after he filled it up with a TON more coolant than i thought it could handle, we took it for a ride and the overheat stopped and so did the dripping from the radiator?? now every day i hop in it and drive it everywhere and it doesnt overheat but still what bothers me is that every now and then i see a small little puddle of coolant in my seems as though only when im driving it will drip but when it has been off for a while, it holds its fluids. if anyone would like to give me some input on what to do next or to watch out for i would be very appreciative. i love this car to death already and i dont want anything to happen to it. Plus i feel like the man being 17 and driving one of these B)

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ouch. Sorry to hear about your troubles. There are a number of people on the forum who have discussed this issue. You should search through the forum and you'll find out why you should service and drive your car. Here is one to start with

$394 isn't that bad. it could have been worse.

Since the car was sitting for 3yrs have you looked at the other areas, oil, battery, brake fluid, steering fluid, transmission fluid level, leaks underneath the car, tranny, suspension, tire pressure, and tread life of the tires?

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i just brought the car to a radiator shop today to have it looked at and @ 4psi the radiator blew coolant unfortuanetly they hit me with $ 394.00 for a new rad. plus instal. :censored:

hey there um well the oil was changed, gotta new battery, all the fluids appear to be up to the full line...and now the car is running incredible just as it is designed to...just today i got an SS 409 custom exhaust for it but kept all the resonators and cats so its mellow but loud too kinda and i love it..but thank you very much for your input

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