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Main O2 Sensors(left And Right)


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my main o2 sensors are out according to my check engine light on my 92 sc400,can i just unplug them and reset the code until i can afford to replace them($250 a peice)or should i just leave the bad ones in until i replace them?

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Oops, i didn't even realize you wrote (...a piece). What are they selling you?

they are selling me the right and left main o2 sensors,couldnt find them anywhere local but at the dealer

toyota or Lexus dealer? I was thinking they were selling you gold-plated :)

I personally wouldn't buy it from them. Try a toyota dealer first and if that doesn't do it check out the link below

they're selling universals frnt L/R for like a $100 and change. That's what toyota and lexus is going to selling you. Also if you can replace all of the sensors, there should be four to six along your exhaust. This way you don't have to re-visit this issue hopefully later.

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