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Ls430 - Best Way To Sell?


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I have a unique situation and I'm wondering if anyone can offer some advice? My brother passed away unexpectedly in April. He had recently purchased a 2001 LS430 that my father co-signed (in October 2007). Now, my father owns the car that is located in South Carolina. My father is in Maryland and I am in Iowa. My brother was employed by for a car dealer (Chevrolet) and they have the car for sale on their used lot. A friend of mine has also offered to put in on ebay for me.

The car is a 2001 LS 430 with 90k miles. It is black and I'm told has every option available. Does anyone have any advice on other or better options to sell the car. I hate that my father has to deal with this and I would love to sell it for him ASAP. I'm not sure how much interest the car will attract at a Chevrolet dealer...

Thanks in advance for any input.

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You can list it on one of the online car sales sites - such as, or such. If you have pictures, or can have someone take pictures of it, it helps a lot - everyone wants to see what they are going to be buying. They also only charge a one time fee that is good until it sells.

Best of luck.

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