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90 Ls400 Prob Coil Problem Need Help


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hi i have a 90 ls (celsior) & cats are glowing seems to be miss firing no power etc been serching this forum & have come up with the second ignition coil mite be the problem. hopefully so but just one problem, where is it??? :P im new to these cars & am not familar with lexus/toyota

does anyone have pics of this coil & where it is or a map even! bear in mind this is a clesior i.e right hand drive incase of any confusen

any help would be great!

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Go to the site>tutorials>Engine Mechanical>How to change timing belt and water pump>picture 10 shows one squarish coil between the RH distibutor cap and thermostat housing. The other coil hangs on the left side of the engine to the left of the LH distributor cap. The middle wire from the distibutor cap leads to it. This is for a 1990-1991 US LS400.


1990 LS400

1991 300CE

2000 C280

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The Celsior was never exported to the US as it was a JDM model and therefore only RHD but they are present in the UK and Australia.

If you come over to there is an imports section which deals with the Celsior.

Does it seem to be missing on more than one cylinder? These cars have conventional distributors and rotor arms fitted ( two of each) and the coils are very reliable so I would start with the plugs/plug leads/dist caps/rotor arms.

Here are the proceedures

Good luck

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