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Replaced Dead Battery - Engine Dies


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Another Battery question....

The battery wasn't charging nor was it strong enough to turn engine so we took battery to local Autozone store. We were able to jump start the engine but as soon as it was put in gear it died. We jumped it a second time and drove a few feet and engine dies. We ended up taking the battery for test and charge. Turns out battery the had only 8 volts when tested and after hour of charging only came up 1 volt. We purchased the best battery AZ had on the shelf and installed with new connector pads and grease. The car started right up but also ended up dying again further down the road. My wife is afraid to drive the car for fear of being stranded. Any idea if the problem is more than a battery related or if the computer is just adjusting to new battery?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm having a similar problem with my RX300 and was wondering if you found out what was wrong with your car. My car wouldn't start, I jumped it, it died when I put it in gear. The second time it worked and I drove to Sears and had the battery replaced. Now, a few days later, I started the car fine, put it in reverse, and it died. It did this twice. On the third try I let it idle longer and was able to put it into gear and make it to my destination.

Any ideas?

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When the battery went dead. the computer would probably have been reset to its default fuel control settings. Depending on the mileage and state of tune of the vehicle, the defaut setting may not be sufficient to maintain a good quality idle. Put some miles on it and see if the system will learn itself. Even with a bad alternator, a new battery would have kept the care running.


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