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Aftermarket Radio/nav Options? 2005 Ls430 W/o Nav


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I checked the usual install kit websites including Metra and didn't see install kits for any year of the LS430. I'd bet some high end car audio shop in New York could do a custom job but it might get rather expensive

If your main need is nav and you can tolerate the look of a portable one, consider hanging a nice Garmin Nuvi or similar portable nav on a bracket or console. There are all sorts of install solutions from Pro.Fit , Kuda and other manufacturers.

I have my Magellan GPS mounted on a Pro.Fit Legend swivel mount bracket -- same bracket that fits the LS430. I see that Kuda has an adapter for the Nuvi that fits the standard AMPS hole pattern of the Legend bracket and I have seen similar AMPS Nuvi adapters elsewhere too.

If you want to leave your Nuvi in the LS430 most of the time, buy an extra power cord and hide it behind the center stack trim. You can buy a piggyback fuse adapter at an auto parts store to tap into the under dash fuse box. All you would need then is a cheap 12V extension cable from a discount store so you could plug your GPS power cable into it so you wouldn't have to chop off the end to hard wire it. The only cable you would cut would be the end from the 12V extension cable so you could attach that cable to the piggyback fuse adapter. All this sounds way more complicated that it is. PM me or ask in the topic if you are interested in this sort of solution and I will provide more details.

I saw a Garmin Nuvi on a similar bracket in a new Honda Accord yesterday so it looks like people are catching on to this type of solution.


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