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'92 Lexus Es300 *timing Belt Question*

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i jus got a used 92 es300 the other day nd its my first car it has 226,128 and it needs a wheel bearing on the passanger side and struts/mounts in the back which ima buy the parts nd have my dad put em on but my questions are

1. how much do u think the wheel bearing part will cost?

2. how much do u think the rear struts nd mounts are?

3. and MOST IMPORTANT! should i be worrying about the timing belt right now or is tht somethin tht i should b thinkin bout it in the near NEAR future?

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You can find some great prices at this site: . As far as the timing belt do you know when it was last changed? That will really determine if you should change it or not.

no their were no records on when the timing belt was last changed but im jus gonna get it done within the next month or 2

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If the timing belt breaks, it is not going to do any damage to the engine, like it would if that happened on most cars. Tow trucks are fairly inexpensive. If you wouldn't mind being stranded for a while if the belt ever broke, you do not have to change it immediately.

The belts do not break very often though, unless the coolant was not changed regularly and the water pump siezes.

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