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Rx400h Issue

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I recently purchased a 2008 RX400h and I've noticed that a low rattling sound is is produced whenever I make a turn at slow speed (particularly a right turn). The noise seems to be coming from somewhere in the front of the cabin. I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem? Can anybody please tell me what might be causing this noise??


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I experience a rapid hovering sound (almost like an uneven rotor) at low speeds, especially when making left turns. I'm having my dealer address it today. Also, sharp and quick left turns feel a bit funny... I'm wondering if that sound is related to that feeling.

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Mine was fixed ...look at my post titled something like..."Loud clanking noise in steering". I was told what it was but I don't care what it was called, I simply hated any sounds coming from an expensive car. It was an easy fix. Rey

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