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Hello Fellow Ls400 Owners


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Hi everyone, I recently got a great deal on a 95 ls400 with 101,000 miles, and still she runs like new :D

I wanted to put in a subwoofer from my old dodge neon. I already figured out how to take everything apart (as i had to always do that with the neon lol) but was wondering if it is possible to just splice the high output wires going to the original 8" sub and run them to both a new amplifier for the new sub, and the original subwoofer to continue working also.

I have hooked up systems on quite a few cars... but this ls is just too well built and everything is soo hard to get to! .. on another note, can someone please tell me which wire i need to tap into to get an REM read for my new amp which will go underneath the drivers seat, I have the non-nakamachi setup and the headunit says just "LEXUS premier audio system" and i will be tapping into the OEM amp under the seat.

i found this pic post-74312-1215642102_thumb.jpg

it is for an rx300 amp wiring, but does anyone know if the wires maybe are the same?

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well thanks anyway... i just started from scratch and figured it out myself, only problem i ran into was taking off the back dash, so i just left my old 8" sub in there. everything works and sounds great! if you are looking for a good quality, very good bass subwoofer, look into Diamond Audio Technologies, sounds way cleaner then my old Kicker L7's

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hello... i got a great deal also on a 93 ls400 116.000 miles gold pkg. black with a naka...summn radio haha.. any idea why i would have no audio when i turn the balance to the left.. but if all the way to the right i can get some but i cant crank it..loud it sounds low.. but if im mi way the whole right side cranks loud with no problem at all. im not a radio buff. and it seems like you know your stuff. thanks sean.

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