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1999 Gs300 - Suspension Problem?

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First time posting here...really glad to be able and talk with fellow lexus experts/owners...but i have a question i've been wanting to ask..

Recently my wife drove the GS around...and she hit a curb goin bout 40-45mph...the front passenger wheel is bent horribly...I took it to the shop to get it repaired...turns out that the LCA, bearings, ball joints, etc are all bent and had to be replaced...the rims were also replaced and was balanced and re-align..

but now..everytime I drive it...and break..i hear this constant clanking noise coming from the front passenger makes this noise everytime I slow down...

and also when i turn the wheel to the sounds if the ball joints are worn out...even though i just replaced it..

i'm thinking that this noise is coming from the suspension itself...but I can't be sure...what do you suggest?

and if anyone does had a problem like this...what needs to be replaced so that it would stop making those noises?

I did look around the forum and did find a couple of answer...but I dont think that what I have has been asked yet...

Thanks for all of the suggestion and help!

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replace the wife! no jk..... welcome to the forum! i dunno what to tell you bout that noise.......did you try taking it back to the shop that did your work? not that this matters but you said rims were replaced also.........rims? you replace more than the front right rim? i wouldn't think she bent the caliper brackets or anything like that but if your hearing it every time you break its def something to get looked at! good luck

"i will welcome myself back to the forum as im,woo hooooooooo, finally unsuspended! hahaha!"


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