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Led Tail-lights

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Hey people...

I wanted to change my GS300's tail-lights and replace them with LED's, but someone told me that LED's have a short life time (5 - 6 months) and each small light starts to burn -out individually, has anyone experienced such a problem with LED's if they ever used one by any chance ??

I provided a picture of the tail-lights i want to use..

Thanks to those who reply in advance :)


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They work , some times a bulb may go but it can be replace, LED's are supposed to last 5-6 years atleast not months.,

Thanks for the information, but i heard the bulbs can't be replaced..

How much do they cost ?? Have an idea ??

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look at the the newer model Cadillac taillights and see how many of their leds are out! A LOT. but i like those taillights n have thought about getting them. remind me of junction produces taillights! how much you getting them for? but typically the leds are supposed to last longer!

"i will welcome myself back to the forum as im,woo hooooooooo, finally unsuspended! hahaha!"


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