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Stalling 1999 Rx300


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Hello everyone... I've been worried all weeked about my car. It has started stalling at the worst times. I have a 1999 RX300 with 179,000 miles on it and I'm wondering if it's time for a new one. It has stalled 5 times. (1) Cold in the morning at a stop sign, (2) making a left upon deceleration, (3) on the free way decelerating for traffic, (4) exit ramp, (5) reversing. All of these stalls appear completly random. Somtimes my car is completely cold other times is has been running for an hour. I took it to the garage NO CODES. Upon investigation this weekend we discovered my after Cat O2 sensor had lost it's nuts and was just bouncing around in the exhaust pipe and finally just fell out.... COULD THIS BE CAUSING MY PROBLEM. I LOVE my car it has treated me so well but now I'm kinda afraid to drive it. Can anyone give me some words of encouragement?

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