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What Should I Do?


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I have taken my car to the dealer to replace the rear deck where the sunshade is because of the lining peeling off! I also had them replace the ML sub due to the fact that it blew :/ More recently I just unplugged the ML sub and added a 12" sub and amp in the trunk so I wouldn't have to worry about blowing it again and just "save" it. The only thing now is that I am having trouble with rattles where the rear sunshade is, but I don't think it's from the sub, it was doing it before I got it. When the dealer was working back there I don't think they fully secured the package tray or knocked something loose. I am going to have to take it back now and get them to fix it, insulate it, tighten things, whatever they need to do because it shakes going down the road even with the radio off. What should I do about the sub? Should I take it out before I go up there? Does anyone thing it's a big deal for the dealership to see that? it's just added to the system, I didn't go mess with the factory stuff besides unplug the ML woofer.

I would really appreciate everyone's opinions on this, thanks a lot!

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