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Ml Cd Chanegr Options

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Forgive the cross-posting... I did not know which forum was best to post this inquiry...

Having searched and read options for replacement of the Mark Levinson CD changer, I am interested in further opinion of this group. 2002 SC, second cd changer has now failed (first one was replaced under warranty)... Removed the unit myself to extract discs and can't help wonder...

1. Will a unit from a later sc work/integrate with the steering wheel controls on my '02?, in other words, is a unit from a 2005 a drop-in, plug and play?

2. Ipod Options... I have read and studied the VIAStech SLu, and realize the SLI would be the best bet; however, it is not listed as compatible with the '02 (I suspect it has to do with the steering wheel controls, and the fact that the SLI emulates an additional device, which was probably not provided for in the earlier units). The SLi Viastech lists compatibility with the 2005 and up.

I have used tape adapters, and FM modulators, but woud like a more stock/integrated approach, rather than have to fool with the ipod controls/ipod itself. Given that the changers are so unreliable, I am loathe to replace, especially as this time it is my dime...


Anyone care to wade in with suggestions?

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call vais @ 720-733-2348

or dice @ 888.342.3999

both make great iPod interfaces. I have both. they will know if it will work in your car. I switched from Vais to Dice because most of the adapter brands figured a way to fully support the iPod with Artist>Album>Song browsing, but some of them do it a bit different. Vais uses the MP3 capability in newer cars, but my 2006 isn't compatible. The Vais only supports playlists (in the pre 2007 cars), but that would be like you having a 99+ disc CD changer, so that would be better then you replacing your bad cd changer. The Dice unit makes the radio think it is a SAT radio and allows the Artist>Album>Song browsing on my car, but also works like the Vais unit too (playlists).

I think they both even hook up to different cables, so one brand may work if the other doesn't. Either brand is just plugging their harness between an existing connector, so there is no cutting.

give them both a call and they will know if their unit will work on your car.

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