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Rx 330 Poping/ Knoking Noise


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Hi all,


My 04, RX330 is making popping/knocking sound that comes from somewhere in the front end of the car. The sound come (only when driving slow, under 15 MPH) every time you are going over bumps, dips, pulling out of driveways, and when making turns and there is a slight change in elevation of the surface.

I've seen couple of posts here describing what sounds like the same or similar problem, but I haven't seen anyone stating what the solution was, if there was one.

I have my independent mechanic inspect the suspension and everything under the car, he tought that it might be loose subframe. He had put the car on the lift and tightened everything and anything that could potentially be a problem, but the noise is still there.

Any suggestions or the solution? PLEАСЕ HELP!!!

Thanks in advance!


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