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75k Service Gave Me Vsc And Engine Light. Nice.


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Hey Lexon owners,

I just had the 75K service on my 2001 RX300. I left the dealer and drove about 25 miles to an Advanced Auto and got a new battery. It's been dying for a while now. I had them test mine before buying theres, so Rex (The RX300) didn't have a battery for about 15 minutes.

I drove another 10 miles to a gas station and filled up. On my way home from there, I noticed the Check Engine light and the VSC light had come on.

The Service center had closed by the time I noticed the lights. So I guess I gotta wait til Monday to get some answers. But what I was wondering was if, anyone has had this happen b4. And if maybe it just has something to do with the battery being disconnected, or just some glitchy Lexus computer *BLEEP*. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I had this happen, but I have been battling a code P0171 (maf or o2 sensor).

Usually the opposite occurs. Disconnecting the battery for awhile clears the CEL's, At leas thats the way it works on Porsches.

Regards, PK.

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Jersey Dan:

Had the same thing happen to our 2004 RX 300. I researched it and found where you can remove the EFI fuse for about 20 seconds, put it back in, and it will reset and clear the VSC and Check Engine light. I did this and the lights have not come back on yet...been fine for 6 weeks.

The EFI fuse is located in the fuse box under the hood on the right hand side if you are facing the engine. I believe it is #20 but am not sure...I am at work right now. Get your owners manual out and look at the fuse section and it will show you where the EFI fuse is located.

In the below link to a thread about this it is recommended to try this first and see if it clears. In some cases this solves it...did for us. If it does not fix the problem then take it to Auto Zone and get them to test it and get you the error code(s).

VSC/Check Engine/EFI Fuse Thread Link

Good luck...


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Thanks guys. The light went out and hasn't come back on all day.Problem solved. I guess I should expect glitches like this with a vehicle that has everything BUT the ashtray controlled by a computer!

You ought to try flying the Airbus family of aircraft. Literally dozens of computers that control flight controls, navigation, engine operation, flight attendant controls, and virtually every sub-system in the plane, even the lav functions. Oh. And no computer controlled ash trays either. ;)

Btw, doesn't leaving the gas cap slightly loose cause a CEL? My BMW does that and I thought Lexus did too. As a note, my friend had the CEL come on in her Hyundai (sp?) and it was only 16 months old. Based on reading about the gas cap on my cars I had her tighten the cap. A few miles later the light went out.


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