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Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking.


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ok guys so far everyone has been is a new one.. when i apply the brakes the steering wheel shakes.. i pulled the tires and the rotors dont appear to be distorted at all. the pads have about 1/4 life left on them just in case i bought all new rotors ..cost me 317.00 the pads have to be ordered about 1 day time..even though i cant feel any grooves on the rotors do you think by replacing them all arround should solve the shaking issue when braking?

im trying to save money in this bad economy and im pretty handy..this site is a god send god bless you all. p.s. i sent out the instrumunt panel to that guy in cali. he said he does tons of them and should anticipate the climate control to be next to go. he will send the rebuilt one out to me in about a week with a 12 month warranty. can i reuse the shims on the pads? noone stocks them and they seem to be ok i can apply the appropriate adhesive to the backing and grease the caliper pins as needed.

thanks again... sean.

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I've messed with the pads and rotors on my '94LS with 117K quite often. A while back, I put on the brakes at 60mph to exit a freeway, and got an awful shudder. I had put new aftermarket rotors and pads on the car, but found that they didn't seem to work well together, with a lot of squealing at drive-throughs, so I replaced the new aftermarket pads with my old OEM's. And they worked great for 5,000 miles. Then the shudder started. So finally I replaced the pads and rotors with Raybestos pads and rotors from ($105 total), and everything has been smooth sailing for more than 5,000 miles. Did the same thing on my Mazda MX-5 turbo, and the brakes couldn't be smoother. And no, I don't work for Rockauto or Raybestos-had problems with them sending me regular size pads for the Turbo, which requires oversized pads. Cost me 30 bucks return shipping.

But I do think that it's important to get matching pads and rotors. I don't believe in grinding down the rotors, since they will, IMHO, wear down much faster. The previous owner of my Lexi had 3 grind down brake jobs in 45,000 miles. Something wrong there, especially since the beloved dealer charged over $500 each time. Car weighs 3,800 lbs, but brakes should last much longer. Pitiful...Best of luck.

BTW, you can use the shims over and over. And if you sent the instrument cluster to Jim Walker in Fresno, you will be satisfied with the result. I was.....

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