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1996 Ls Front End Bushings


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1996 LS400 with 180k miles. Front end has been making alot of noises for a while. Jacked up the car and did some inspecting. Looks like every bushing is bad. Lower control arms, upper control arms, and even the trailing link or radius arm whatever you want to call it. The upper and lower ball joints are also bad. I'm guessing maybe I can just replace the uppers totally with the $199 aftermarket ones I've seen mentioned on here. Is there a bushing kit out there or should I just get them all on eBay or something? What's the best way to go about fixing this thing, I'm doing it myself. Thanks!

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Have a look at this link for the bushes, you can replace the lower ball joint as it is a bolt on to the lower arm.

I wish I lived in the US with prices like yours!

Have a look at for loads of DIY tutorials

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Are there bushing on the strut bar in the front? When you hit the brakes you see the wheel move ALOT in the wheel well. I know all the bushings are bad I just want to make sure I order everything. Does the Daizen kit come with most of them? I'm guessing I'll need lower control arm bushings, new upper control arms, lower ball joints, and strut bar bushings if there are any. Am I missing anything?


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